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Hand picked scriptures that will offer you encouragement in your life and provide inspiration and courage as you cope with what life throws your way. God’s plan for your life is that you have peace, joy, happiness and live your best life. If you are feeling unloved, rejected, unworthy, and without hope, the Bible can lift your spirits and give you a clean start! These scriptures are truly allows you to experience God’s healing power. Mediate on these verses through the day and share them with your friends so you can make an impact on someone else’s day! 

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I AM...

Ruth Joseph is a wife and mother of four who is a multifaceted entrepreneur from Newark, New Jersey. As a young girl she was influenced with an entrepreneurial spirit as she watched her mother run her own business as a salon owner. Although she was intrigued by the lifestyle, she never thought she could pursue that for herself as she spent her weekends assisting in the salon not realizing that God was preparing her for an unexpected future. Today, Ruth is the owner of Xpress Your Kinks, a private hair salon for natural hair braiding focusing on healthier braiding techniques to promote beautiful natural hair. Since 2014, Xpress Your Kinks has touched hundreds of women from New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. With a successful business, one might think she has made it right? Wrong, this business was only the beginning. The next part of God’s unexpected plan was that He gave Ruth a passion for women and providing them with a sense of hope for the future. Learning from her own relationships and the hurt and pain caused by them, Ruth is now committed to teaching women how to date with purpose, overcome the guilt and shame of the past, and most importantly build a firm foundation of faith and begin a relationship with God. We were born on purpose for a purpose!

I empower women to reach their greatest potential by guiding and teaching them how to date with purpose, to build a firm faith foundation and begin a relationship with God, to overcome the guilt and shame with past relationships in order to move into the life God has prepared for them. We were born on purpose with a purpose and my goal is to help women achieve that!

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Are you carelessly dating? Content with whoever and whatever comes along and shows interest in you? Do you desire to build a lasting, loving relationship that you’ve always dreamed of? If you said yes to any of these questions, I want to welcome you! You are the woman I’ve been waiting for.

For over 10 years I did exactly what you did, jumping from man to man and willing to accept any form of attention that came my way. So trust me when I say, I’ve been there and done that and I soon became full of shame and guilt and decided enough was enough, I had to make a change.

After a year of doing the hard work on myself, I met the love of my life. Six months after that I was engaged and married eight months after that. I now have four beautiful children and living my best life.

Now I ask, are you ready to intentionally date and find the man God has for you? Are you ready to experience a love that surpasses all understanding? Let’s go girl!